Trailer ✓ Weeds in the Heart PDF by à Nathaniel Hughes

Trailer ✓ Weeds in the Heart PDF by à Nathaniel Hughes I serendipitously had a few days to myself when I received this book, and was able to read it cover to cover lying in garden in the sun on hot sheepskin rug, drifting off into sleep in between each chapter, assimilating it and feeling it enter my being This felt like the perfect way to read such a beautiful book The layout of Fiona s pictures, and the poetic musing style of Nathan s narrative text, took me deeply into a meeting with each of the plants I loved the way personal enquiry interwove with scientific and historical facts about the plants, combined with examples from Nathan s clinical work Even though each chapter was about a particular plant, it didn t feel that the chapter was just about that plant, but the plants place in a wider context of health and healing and something deeper and bigger than that still.
This book is a must for anyone wanting to look deeper into the true nature of how herbalism can support healing, and are ready for their own self enquiry into these meeting with plants I will read this again and again, both cover to cover, and dipping in and out of it for certain fragments and little gems of information.
Reading this last summer, it inspired me to want to visit all the plants and meet them, spend time with them and really get to know them as Nathan outlines ways to do at the end of each chapter Now as the air grows warmer again, and spring is approaching I can t wait to do just that.
This is a great book, has the information I was looking for accompanied by the most beautiful artwork I ve seen in a book like this.
This is a work of utter beauty and a heartfelt expression of love for our ever diminishing landscapes Fiona s illustration is breathtaking Nathaniel s words echo through the natural world This book will enthrall and enlighten stunning.
It s absolutely wonderful, so beautifully illustrated it s easy to overlook the usefulness and practicality of the contents If you re interested in herbs, complementary medicine or just love gorgeous books, this is it It speaks from the heart with a depth that transcends the knowledge being passed on and is a Gift.
Thank you to the authors.
Beautiful book only slightly spoiled in my opinion by the heavy use of gold on the otherwise lovely, intricate pictures.
This Is A Unique And Unusual Herbal Book A Labor Of Love By Herbalist Nathaniel Hughes And Artist Fiona Owen It Is Not A Book Of Cures It Is A Book Of Doorways Through Rich Storytelling, First Hand Accounts Of Plant Meetings, And Tales Of Healing, The Consciousness That Can Emerge Within These Plant Human Relationships Reveals Itself