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[Kurt Vonnegut] ¹ Welcome to the Monkey House: Stories [gothic PDF] Read Online ê Excellent condion Having never read Vonnegut before, I wasn t sure what to expect from this book The title led me to expect some degree of science fiction What I found was a collection of rich, wonderfully written stories about a wide assortment of subjects Vonnegut is a great writer, pure and simple Many of the stories dealt with the future and the state of society, and Vonnegut struck me as having a somewhat cynical yet witty view of the subject I found the themes of his stories to be somewhat akin to my own fears of life as we will some day know it, in a world where the government attempts to create utopia on earth Two of the memorable stories found in these pages are Harrison Bergeron and Welcome to the Monkey House In the first story, we find the type of society that I fear the most, a socialist republic where all people are required to be equal those who possess intelligence and pose the danger of actually thinking are controlled by implants which forcefully disallow any thought from entering their minds In the latter, we find a Malthusian world of overpopulation where everyone takes pills to numb the lower halves of their bodies and people are encouraged to come to Federal Ethical Suicide Parlors and voluntarily remove themselves from the crowded world Other stories deal with massive overpopulation troubles.
On the other hand, we find simplistic stories in which Vonnegut conveys individuals in a deep, touching light, striking great chords of sympathy in this reader s mind A woman who is obsessed with redecorating the houses of her neighbors yet cannot afford to buy decent furniture for her own house a young woman who comes to a strange town, captivates everyone with her beauty, is criticized and publicly humiliated by a young man for being the kind of girl he could never win the heart of, and is richly shown to be an innocent, lonely soul a teen who acts horribly because he has never had a real family but is saved from a life of crime by a teacher who makes the grand effort to save the boy these are some of the many subjects dealt with by the author There is even a heartfelt story about a young Russian and young American who are killed in space but who inspire understanding and dtente between the two superpowers by bringing home the point that they were both young men with families who loved them and who had no desire for anything but peace written during the height of the Cold War, that story really stood out to me.
All of the stories are not eminently satisfying to me, but the lion s share of them are a couple of stories seemed to have been written for no other reason but to make the author some money, which is okay especially since Vonnegut introduces the stories by saying he wrote them in order to finance his novel writing endeavors I may have been less than satisfied by a couple of stories, but even the worst of the lot was written wonderfully and obviously with much care, and I daresay that few writers could do better on their best day than Vonnegut does on his worst Sometimes, as one ages, one fears that he will eventually have read all of the best books in the world, but then one discovers an author such as Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
, and it is one of the best and most exciting things that can happen to that person.

This book is a collection of 25 short stories They are simple but you can if you want read great depth in them These stories would make good starters for a reading group or circle They are professional but not extraordinary or unique The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal They weren t only equal before God and the law They were equal in every way I bought this book for one story in particular Harrison Bergeron I bought the movie with Sean Astin and thought even if the story was fleshed out to be like This Perfect Day So I thought it would be time to read the story Unfortunately the short story can not hold a candle to the movie It never really gets off the ground and comes to a curt conclusion never resolving the conflict.
Harrison Bergeron Like most writers who got their start before or shortly after WWII, Kurt Vonnegut began his writing career as a short story writer Consequently, this collection includes some of his very earliest work, as well as several truly classic short stories that rank among the best of the second half of the 20th century As one would expect from a collection housing many stories from a writer in his infancy, the collection is not consistently stellar some pieces are unquestionably wonderful others are of lesser quality, and at least one Where I Live is pointless Vonnegut himself is quick to point out that this is not his best work in the introduction he states that the stories were written to finance the writing of his novels Indeed, as with many beginning writers, they constituted his very livelihood writing them was often a matter of necessity, and not always necessarily the calling of artistic craft Don t expect the Vonnegut that you re familar with from the novels Several of these stories hit a moral note, as Vonnegut inevitably does, while others are attempts to strike an emotional chord Vonnegut, at his short story writing best, was a master of what some of the greatest practitioners of the art Edgar Allen Poe, among others have cited as the key element of any short story evoking one specific feeling, emotion, or tone Vonnegut achieves this in many of the stories contained herein, and uses far less humor in doing so than we are accustomed to from him Some of the best stories include the title story, which lays out a highly provocative and imaginative future scenario Harrison Bergeron, a truly classic story that really strikes a moral chord Tommorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a bleak, darkly funny satirical piece All The King s Horses, a highly suspenseful and dramatic rendering Unready To Wear, a thoughtful slice of science fiction Report On The Barnhouse Effect, Vonnegut s first published story and a science fiction classic and The Manned Missles, an emotional shocker Many of these stories are science fiction, a genre under which a lot of Vonnegut s early work fell Science fiction, at that time, was not even considered a real literary genre, and many literary elitists disparage Vonnegut for having mined it The author himself has also distanced himself from the field in intervening years, due to the bad press it got him, which has caused a rift between Vonnegut and the science fiction community Let it be said by me, then, a long time reader of science fiction, that Vonnegut wrote very well in the genre, and that most of his best short stories were, indeed, SF Though he never purveyed the so called hard science fiction, full of complex technicalities, that made writers such as Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov famous, Vonnegut was continually full of great ideas that were well suited the genre I wish he had written SF stories Overall, quite a good collection of short fiction, certainly far superior to the recent Bagombo Snuff Box do not avoid reading this book if you weren t a big fan of that one though it does not rank among the best of Vonnegut s work I recommend it highly to fans of the author or enthusiasts of the short story art form.
Just because you have read one KV stories does not prepare you for the next one Many , varied, covering all sorts of taboos of the 70s and 80 s its not really science fiction rather a slight extension of sociology The Handicap General is here, though the story is short , it has been used many times as an example of what socialist education is all about levelling the field by penalising the smart This has been in place here in the UK for the last fifteen years, and a fifth of the populations is now functionally illiterate, yet educators want to extend handicapping.
Promoters of this book mention science fiction but I think that this is a very small aspect of the book The short stories are much a kindly look at human nature or imagining an extreme extension of government policies as in the first story Harrison Bergeron where everyone is artificially handicapped by a government agency to ensure equality There is a certain feel good factor about many of the items while at the same time there is food for thought I have the Kindle version and there are a few typos but I liked the general style of writing I would recommend this book.
Usually I like Vonnegut s writing, but I found these short stories rather unsatisfying, almost as if they were novel ideas that he couldn t be bothered developing fully Some of them also seem very dated now, e.
g Welcome to the Monkey House itself using a ban on procreation as the basis of a dystopia just doesn t feel original enough any , and the use of kidnapping and rape as part of the supposed resolution now comes across as deeply creepy.
A good read A collection of many short stories from Vonnegut If you like his novels you will most likely be fond of this one All the stories have an emotional impact, and they showcase different writing styles from Vonnegut.
Welcome To The Monkey House Is A Collection Of Kurt Vonneguts Shorter Works originally Printed In Publications As Diverse As The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction AndThe Atlantic Monthly, These Superb Stories Share Vonneguts Audacious Sense Of Humor And Extraordinary Range Of Creative Vision I bought a whole batch of Vonnegut books when they were available in the kindle sale This is the first one I have read What an absolutely brilliantly creative mind that can easily switch between genres and yet not feel forced in any way Written mainly in the 1950 s this collection of short fiction showed how assured Vonnegut was even in the early days of his writing career Definitely worth purchasing and devouring.