Trailer Ù Why Stocks Go Up and Down PDF by Ú William H Pike

Trailer Ù Why Stocks Go Up and Down PDF by Ú William H Pike Very good book, very detailed and comprehensive There is A LOT of information in this book This is a great place to start for anyone thinking they might like to go to school in Business Finance Accounting It doesn t cover theory on stock prices, but rather the actual calculation of stock and bond prices In other words it s not a book for those attempting to make it rich in the stock market, but rather one to help understand how a business works, and what goes into deciding whether the price of a stock or bond is over undervalued I enjoy having it as a reference guide for calculating ratios, even though it s probably quicker to simply google them Still, it s one of those books that has so much useful information that it s worth having on your shelf.
Great book Very thorough and what I was looking for.

It s a very good book for investors who want to have a comprehensive understanding of the field It s well written and is a joy to read.
I have been investing for over 10 years and read a number of investment books When I got this book I was both skeptical and intrigued by the subtitle, The Book You Need To Understand Other Investment books, but after going through it, I can understand why the authors call it that A lot of investment fundamentals are covered in depth that other books assume you know already.
Positives 1 Good introduction to balance sheets and income statements without taking an accounting course Numerical examples and calculation are well laid out and easy to follow 2 Good discussion of cash flow and how it is used by investment analysts 3 The last chapter is a case study of Abbott Labs I found it really helpful in understanding what an investment analyst does.
Strongly recommended I found this book to be a great tool to help me understand the basics of stocks and bonds, as I had only a minimal understanding coming in It includes an extensive glossary but I rarely used it except to check my understanding The final chapter shares its title with the book, concluding with a particularly valuable analysis of Abbott Labs stocks a very effective way to convert the theory into a practice illustration I have never seen this before Strongly recommended.
You have to know what a business is if one is to play with the stock market That s why this book is so good.
Why Stocks Go Up and Down This book is a great tool for putting all the pieces together when it comes to analyzing a business or the market Even if you re a little experienced and knowledgable it serves a good purpose in bringing it all back to basics Sometimes it is easy to forget how all the various pieces fit together and act in unison Recommended for both novices and knowledgable practitioners.