½ Wicca: A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world ó Download by Ð Vivianne Crowley

½ Wicca: A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world ó Download by Ð Vivianne Crowley Wicca Is Said To Be The Oldest Religion In The World Today, Growing Numbers Of People Are Becoming Attracted To The Old Way In This Bestselling, Introductory Book, Vivianne Crowley Explains The Way Of The Witch And Shows The Relevance Of Modern Wicca In Today S WorldSales Handles Wicca Has Sold Over , Copies Since Publication Regarded As The Classic Text On The Subject And Recommended Reading In Many Wiccan Websites And Publications Vivianne Crowley Is The Leading Authority In This Field Paganism Is The Fastest Growing Spirituality In The UK And US, According To Recent Newspaper Surveys, Especially Amongst Young PeopleAudience Pagans, Wiccans, Anyone Interested In Alternative SpiritualityCompetition Wicca By Scott Cunningham Llewellyn , Wicca Handbook By Eileen Holland Robert Hale Author Vivianne Crowley PhD Is A Writer And Psychologist Who Lectures In Psychology Of Religion At The University Of London She Is A Renowned Authority On Wicca And Lectures All Over The World She Is The Author Of Many books On Contemporary Spirituality And Psychology, Including Your Dark Side, Free Your Creative Spirit, The Way Of Wicca And A Woman S Guide To The Earth Traditions I had heard lots of good things about this book so when it was available at the library, I quickly picked it up This book has a lot of information on the history of Wicca and Witchcraft she acknowledges that they are NOT the same and is a very interesting read if you want to know about how covens work She thoroughly explains the difference between the first, second and third degrees and also describes the basic rites that you go through to get these degrees.
I had some trouble reading this book I m 19 The text is small and Crowley uses complex wording It is definitely not the first book you should read on Wicca I wouldn t really call it a beginner s book but it does have some basic information in it I would say that you should probably be able to read at the Grade 12 level at least to fully comprehend this book I often had to re read a paragraph and you may want to put a dictionary beside you as you read Despite this, it is very interesting and informative.
It isn t necessary to own this book but it is a good idea to read it thoroughly What I mean is, you probably won t be going back to it very often once you understand the information in it It s not a resource.
V Crowley uses a LOT of quotes from C Jung and it may be a good idea to read a bit about him yourself, although this is not required.

I have books on the Craft than any sane person would keep The useless ones I get rid of This is one of the few I ve actually read than once It contains quality material and makes an excellent first or second book for somebody new to the Craft.
Vivianne takes Wiccan tradition seriously, and doesn t cheapen it by making wild unsubstantiated claims She introduces her own material and names it as such This book is complete Rituals, directions, poems liturgy Everything you need but a coven, a calling and a connecttion to the Goddess.
Not only does this book describe Wiccan practice, but it describes it in sociological, historical, and psychological context, too It is an example of applied Jungian theory She uses the psychology of Carl Jung to explain the sense behind magic and Craft rituals She bats around phrases like Our Gods are the archetypal forces which inhabit the collective unconscious To the question of Are the forms of the Gods real she answers first with a quote of Jung they are images of contents which for the most part transcend consciousness and then adds what lies beyond the images is a divine reality true experessions of the nature of the divine translated into human terms.
This book contains a great deal of Craft practice, along with solid, original thought Index, footnotes, a bibliography and a glossary round it out A magnificent effort than earns its five stars Every Witch ought to have read this book at least once I first read this some time ago when investigating Wicca I still think it s one of the most candid and accessible reads for the newcomer to the topic Given the number of not so good, me too books out there on the topic that we saw published in the 90s, it stands out even.
Its strengths are a matter of fact style, a balanced and pretty unbiased portrayal that doesn t try to make a political statement, and the large volume of information it offers It is a sophisticated book that talks a lot about history, about initiatory experience, and about perceptions of divinity The only flaw I can readily find is that it is a bit dry just as its cover doesn t look like Tinker Bell, neither is the style I can hardly mark Crowley down for this, but it s worth mentioning because it could affect the reader s interest.
Will appeal most strongly to the serious seeker with mature tastes in reading who is looking to be informed rather than entertained.