» Winchester: An American Legend à Download by » R.L. Wilson

» Winchester: An American Legend à Download by » R.L. Wilson The content is excellent The book itself was frayed in shipment R.
L Wilson, who wrote this book, also wrote one called Colt, an American Legend Both books are exquisite, coffee table size eight and a half inches by eleven inches landscape and each are over 400 pages, almost every page filled with extremely high quality color photographs.
L Wilson, in addition to being a collector and well known author in the firearms field, is a historical consultant to Colt s Firearms Division.
The subtitle on the first page says, The official history of Winchester firearms and ammunition from 1849 to the present, which pretty much covers the entire history of the Winchester Firearms Company now known as U.
S Repeating Arms, since a bankruptcy and change of ownership If you are a Winchester aficionado, or just a Western history buff, with an interest in The Gun That Won the West, this is a book you will want in your library.
It is one of my favorite books It will probably be one of yours, also.
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Awesome book great supplier and fair value Perfect While looking through this fabulous book it won t take long for those who are interested in the topic to start Drooling The book is full of photographs of keep sakes owned by prestigious collectors and museums Awesome For those who do not own an 1866 Winchester or its predesessor, the Henry, this book comes as close to putting one in your hands as paper and print can The cool of blued steel and the balance in a fine walnut stock are to be felt on every page This book is an emblem for the art of still life photography today and for printers skills The images are stunning throughout And pread after spread of exceptional Winchesters from collections around the world confirm that innovation and fine craft make collectables, whether from industry or the fine art studio The text is useful but leaves one wanting detail For the beginner or aspiring collector, for example, a clearer way of differentiating one model and the next would be useful.
Beautiful to look at Not heavy in the way of company or technical history, but what a great coffee table book Costly if you can find it but wow The Most Lavish Work Ever Produced On American Long Arms, This Book Has Been Published With The Full Cooperation Of The Winchester Division Of The Olin Corporation, As Well As Winchester Licensee, The US Repeating Arms Company