ô You Can Heal Your Life å Download by ½ Louise L. Hay

ô You Can Heal Your Life å Download by ½ Louise L. Hay Not suitable for UK market Very American Releasing resentment will dissolve even cancer Claims you personally choose your parents before you are conceived This book is not for me.
Book arrive in very good time, no damage, like off the shelf of a good book store Any Louise Hay book content is unmatched If you have read her stuff this book is not rocket science but good reminders and a bit of new light I would buy it again and recommend it.
An Excellent Book For Restructuring Ones Life And Finding Self Esteem And Self Love Bernie S Siegel, MD Author Of Love, Medicine Miracles And Co Author Of Help Me To Heal You Can Heal Your Life, The Definitive Bestselling Book On Self Healing, Has Transformed The Lives Of Millions Of People This Is A Book That People Credit With Profoundly Altering Their Awareness Of The Impact That The Mind Has On Our Health And WellbeingIn This Inspirational Work, World Renowned Teacher Louise L Hay Offers Profound Insight Into The Relationship Between The Mind And The Body Exploring The Way That Limiting Thoughts And Ideas Control And Constrict Us, She Offers Us A Powerful Key To Understanding The Roots Of Our Physical Diseases And DiscomfortsThis Practical Self Help Guide Will Change The Way You Think Forever Really needed to read this after a life altering moment There are things in here that I needed to hear that maybe I didn t want to hear I had to get the workbook after reading this I will be reading the book again.
Love the book read it quickly and will reread it again when I need a refresher, Louise Hay is one of my favourite and this book resembles why, Great information If one works through the exercises as they are presented, I believe great results can happen I had numerous revelations of things that I m grateful to have had a chance to process now.
I bought this book after seeing the video on YouTube Once I read the book, I can honestly say, I became thirsty for This began a journey that I m still riding, I notice things that I wouldn t have before, I am expansive and eager for knowledge that drives me I tear through books of all authors regarding health, mind, and body, and like a snowball, incorporate what speaks to me into my life I no longer focus on the problem, but rather, the solution And it all started here, with this book Thank you Louise, you have woken up my spirit and my mind

So glad I purchased this book I ve not read any of Louise Hays work before It s helped me to establish affirmation work and I ve been using them daily for a couple of weeks I have had a few breaks since Call it coincidence or the power of high vibrations who know eh I found the book best read in chapters, slowly, with some journaling alongside for deeper thinking I feel I will need to read it a second time I like her no nonesnese approach and brutal honesty Real life case study examples add substance to Louise s theories R.
P lady, your legacy continues and thank you for helping so many people including me.
I cant believe this book It is really somehting special The biggest change that I have made since reading this book is me being kind to myself I tell myself messages like its okay and I love you This is extremely important because if you are not going to be nice to yourself then who is Also it led me on to the discovery that even though my parents did some pretty bad things to me when I was a kid and I am pretty upset about that, there is still another side to the story That is that my parents when they were little kids were probably treated the same way or worse It never occurred to me that that would be a possibility until I read this book.
This book has lots of gems in it and I will be going back and reading this again especially the part on forgiveness.
A beautiful book that is an easy read, yet transformational I read it at a very low point in my life and it helped me dig deep into a very dark place and work through some old issues Anything by Louise hay is pure gold