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[Orly Lobel] ✓ You Don't Own Me: The Landmark Court Battles that Exposed Barbie's Dark Side [ivory-coast PDF] Ebook Epub Download à A fun and interesting read A real page turnerThis book really made me think, while still providing plenty of drama Loved it Great book although I am not a lawyer, far from it I loved reading this book even those legal terms very well written combines legal aspects and novel like facts this true story made me think about our work environment, culture and life in general the facts are fascinating, had no knowledge about the world of dolls really fascinating.
Highly recommended I can definitely see the movie coming out The Battle Between Mattel, The Makers Of The Iconic Barbie Doll, And MGA, The Company That Created The Bratz Dolls, Was Not Just A War Over Best Selling Toys, But A War Over Who Owns IdeasWhen Carter Bryant Began Designing What Would Become The Billion Dollar Line Of Bratz Dolls, He Was Taking Time Off From His Job At Mattel, Where He Designed Outfits For Barbie Later, Back At Mattel, He Sold His Concept For Bratz To Rival Company MGA Law Professor Orly Lobel Reveals The Colorful Story Behind The Ensuing Decade Long Court BattleThis Entertaining And Provocative Work Pits Audacious MGA Against Behemoth Mattel, Shows How An Idea Turns Into A Product, And Explores The Two Different Versions Of Womanhood, Represented By Traditional All American Barbie And Her Defiant, Anti Establishment Rivalthe Only Doll To Come Close To Outselling Her In An Era When Workers May Be Asked To Sign Contracts Granting Their Employers The Rights To And Income Resulting From Their Ideaswhether Conceived During Work Hours Or On Their Own TimeLobels Deeply Researched Story Is A Riveting And Thought Provoking Contribution To The Contentious Debate Over Creativity And Intellectual Property This inside look at corporate competition is very accessible for laypeople and for lawyers who know very little about contract or intellectual property law The characters and intrigue make it hard to put down the book And for anyone who has ever played with these dolls or has a child or grandchild who has ever played with these dolls, this behind the scenes look will revolutionize how you think about Barbie I highly recommend this book Loved this book I work for a design and manufacturing company innovation, trademarks, and patents are big topics in our industry Author Lobel presents the information in an easy and fun read that feels like a novel and yet is extremely informative I highly recommend as a professional read, or just for those interested in the Mattel vs MGA story, which is interesting and fascinating by itself.
I loved this book The story of the Bratz case is an extremely complex one to tell, and I was pleased to find that the underlying social and cultural issues the case exposed were at the forefront of the author s approach The book is an accessible, exciting record of this important case.
Informative and captivating, this book describes the Barbie vs Bratz Mattel v MGA decade long lawsuit and its participants The book is well researched, well written, and has all the twists and turns of a spy thriller or a courtroom drama I was totally absorbed in it even though I knew the end result of the lawsuit Highly recommend

Fascinating tale of the battle between capturing the market for dolls Who would have thought that so much money and characters were involved A good example of how difficult the legal concept of intellectual property can be and how important it is.
An excellent and entertaining analysis of a legal battle that has far reaching implications for our society and the way we determine who owns creative ideas The author writes in an engaging way that is entertaining for legal practitioners, inventors and just anyone looking for a thought provoking book Highly recommend This book is a riveting account of the decade long legal battle that Mattel maker of Barbie waged against MGA Entertainment for allegedly stealing the concept for MGA s highly successful line of Bratz dolls Lobel uses her expertise as an intellectual property law professor to provide deep intellectual context to the story, which is impeccably researched The book weaves together an intriguing narrative about the outsized egos at the helm of the cutthroat toy industry, while also providing thoughtful social commentary along the way both about iconic Barbie herself and about who should possess legal ownership of ideas It s a terrific read and would also make a great Hollywood movie.