↠´ ARMADA ✓ Download by Þ Robert Carter

↠´ ARMADA ✓ Download by Þ Robert Carter Forget Captain Sparrow Time Travel To The Real Caribbean Of Years Ago See Galleons Filled With Mexican Gold Watch As Queen Elizabeth S Ministers, Burleigh And Walsingham Use Drake And Hawkins To Humble The Power Of Phillip II Of Spain Feel The Hopes And Fears Of Tudor England In This Rich Drama With All The Historical Detail Of Patrick O Brien And The Storytelling Of James ClavellThe Virgin Queen, Elizabeth Of England, Has Reigned For Ten Heretical Years But Her Country Remains Locked In Bloody Rivalry With The Great Superpower Of Catholic Spain Two Brothers Are Torn Apart By War One Fights His Way From Imprisonment To Reclaim His Spanish Lover The Other Wins The Daughter Of The Queen S First Minister But John And Richard Tavistock Are Embroiled In England S Naval Battles With Spain And One Returns To England, Intent On Returning To Rescue The Other , A Cannon Maker, Who Is Captured In Mexico Richard, In London, Tries To Get A Ship To Return To Mexico, But Hears Rumours That His Brother John Has Become A Catholic And Is Now Making Cannons For The Spanish All Are Caught Up In The Ruthless Intrigues Of The Court And Inquisition All Play Their Part In Turning The Destiny Of Nations ARMADA is a well written, well plotted historical novel, populated with fully fleshed characters both plucked from the pages of history and fashioned by the author s fecund imagination More importantly, though, the book is well researched, is filled with the nuances of everyday life in another age, and does not appear to sacrifice much if any historical fact for the sake of a good rousing tale ARMADA is set during the Elizabethan Era, when Spain and England were implacable enemies, as much the result of competition for world domination and New World gold as it was sexual tension and religious differences between Spain s Phillip and England s Virgin Queen Two brothers are set upon different paths by an event well documented in the historical records, one returning to England, the other, a master cannon maker, being captured by the Spanish Author Robert Carter does an excellent job in weaving his fictional tale through the life of notorious real life English hero Sir Francis Drake and the events which led to the defeat of the Spanish ARMADA The narrative voice is authoritative and driving, pulling the reader into a long lost world of exciting adventure and dark intrigues the dialogue retains an authentic ring, true to the times without being incomprehensible to the modern reader Dangerous journeys, exciting sea battles, political conspiracies, personal tragedy, historical verisimilitude, and great writing ARMADA will appeal to fans of historical fiction, adventure novels, nautical tales, and students of Elizabethan history.
This is one of my favorite books in the universe I am 9 and think it is amazing An amazing clash between space, fantasy, tech, and sort of mystery ish stuff The internal narration to explain the history was very tedious for me.
I got about halfway through this book and gave up It s an achievement that the author has made a story of grand intrigue, privateers and slavery quite so flat and boring Avoid