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[Margaret Campbell Barnes] ☆ Brief Gaudy Hour [world-war-ii PDF] Read Online ☆ Oh, those Tudors, oh that Anne Boleyn Yeah, I ve read many, I ve enjoyed most mainly because I m always curious to how an author will twist Anne s tale will they show her in a positive light or portray her as the vindictive creature who fooled Henry VIII This book is definitely the best novels on Anne s life and probably just as genius as The Other Boleyn Girl First thing is that this book was originally written in the 1940s so the prose is much different from modern Tudor novels It lends an almost authentic feel to the book, like it was written during Anne s lifetime Campbell Barnes did an excellent job of marrying the two sides of Anne as well, the good and the bad And in so, portrayed her as a lovable, while still haughty, creature who never really wanted the crown nor Henry but took the card she was dealt and played it to it s fullest until Henry tired of her If you re going to read a novel based on Anne s life, this world definitely be the go to one in my opinion for it paints her extremely well without taking away her negatives.
The book starts with young Anne who is called to court by her father, telling her that she is to attend the King s sister to France Anne is excited to go and while in France she grows into beautiful woman who gets the attention of men She also witnessed the love between Mary and Charles Brandon, and vows that one day she too will have great love story.
Back in England she fells in love hard but when that is destroyed she wants revenge But she s also gotten the King s attention.
I quite liked this older book about Anne Boleyn The book was first published in 1949, which can be seen at times The sixth finger was mentioned and Anne also had step mother called Jocunda I actually liked to see the relationship between Anne and Jocunda so it didn t bother me that much Relationship between her and George was close but there wasn t any hints about incest which as refreshing.
Anne was portrayed both vain and selfish at times but she was also loyal to her friends The only thing that bothered me was when Anne slept with Henry Percy which I thought was little too far fetched but I liked to see them together and how Anne was really heartbroken after their break up Later in the book was a great a scene where both are older and meeting again after long time, and both are thinking how the other has changed.
I ve read one of the author s book before but I liked this one much Few things were outdated but all in all I think it stands well with newer books.
The Enigmatic Anne Boleyn Comes To Life In This Charming, Brilliant Portrayal By Acclaimed British Novelist Margaret Campbell BarnesThe Infamous Love Of King Henry VIII And The Mother Of Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn Undertook A Rocky Journey From Innocent Courtier To Powerful Queen Of England A Meticulous Researcher, Margaret Campbell Barnes Immerses Readers In This Intrigue And In The Lush, Glittery World Of The Tudor Court The Beauty And Charms Of Anne Boleyn Bewitched The Most Powerful Man In The World, King Henry VIII, But Her Resourcefulness And Cleverness Were Not Enough To Stop The Malice Of Her Enemies Her Swift Rise To Power Quickly Became Her Own UndoingThe Author Brings To Light Boleyn S Humanity And Courage, Giving An Intimate Look At A Young Woman Struggling To Find Her Own Way In A World Dominated By Men And Adversaries First published at Crickhollow books wasn t sure what to expect from this book, being the first older historical novel first published in 1948 that I ve read on the Tudors Margaret Campbell Barnes back catalogue was reprinted by Sourcebooks in 2008 After finishing this novel I can see why, this easily outshines a lot of contemporary offerings.
You might be surprised that a lot of novels on Anne Boleyn are written from another characters point of view, from ladies in waiting to fools, to other historical figures You will not be surprised, if you ve heard of Anne Boleyn that is, that most novels and some historians paint her as a scheming shrew Barnes seems to have flouted these conventions.
Instead we get a refreshingly human portrayal of one of the most enigmatic women in Tudor History, following Anne from her childhood at Hever right up until her execution.
On the historical accuracy side, the actual timeline of events is a bit muddled, and we skip about six years The fictional liberties are not outrageous considering the actual source material available at the time and develop the plot reasonably.
There are some major points in this book that impressed me Firstly the strong relationships between Anne and her friends and family, and notably her brother George and her sister Mary There is a great passage where George promises to give Anne a copy of the then first English translation of the bible, providing a catalyst for her love of the new religion.
The author doesn t gloss over the fact that Anne was deeply religious and was a central figure in the beginnings of the Reformation It s not touched on extensively, but enough to remind people that Anne as Queen was interested in bettering religion and education and helping the poor And I think enough historical novelists conveniently forget that.
The fact that women had no power over their own destinies and were at the mercy of their families and husbands is really driven home here, she presents the very realistic situation that Anne was in regarding her first betrothals and how she was handled after she caught the King s attention Anne herself is portrayed as a beautifully complex character She is of course full of the fire, passion and fierce intellect she is famous for, but we also see the very young and vulnerable side of her that is so often neglected.
This is nicely written, well paced and detailed, and an enjoyable read Recommended.
One of the better novels I have read about Anne Boleyn.
It seemed the author portrayed her with a good deal of realism and kept many of the qualities that we know about her.
I liked how it was told from Anne s viewpoint and that her relationship with Henry Percy was included.
I also thought it was nicely written.
However,it was a bit outdated and some parts of the story just didn t work for me.
I think it might be a good book to start out learning about Anne s story as it definitely leaves you with the feeling of wanting to read about her.
First published in 1949, this novel of Anne Boleyn paints a compelling portrait of one of the most ambitious women in history, the mother of the great Elizabeth I and a player in the Reformation With sensitivity and insight, Margaret Campbell Barnes brings to light Anne Boleyn s humanity and courage in the face of her adversaries Barnes was known for her meticulous research and accurate portrayals of historical events So if you have been a victim of any of the inaccurate trash that has been flooding the book market and large and small screens this season, be sure to check this one out to get the real story This also marks my debut as a published writer While the book was in production, I was asked to contribute supplemental materials to enhance the new edition At the front of the book, readers will find genealogical tables to help clarify the relationships and resulting tensions between the key characters in the book At the end of the book is an accompanying Reading Group Guide of 14 discussion questions for possible use by book clubs Margaret Campbell Barnes has been my favorite author since I first read My Lady of Cleves due out later this year in the 9th grade, and it has been my dream to see her work back in print For it to coincide with my own debut as a writer is a special joy.
If you ve read it, let s talk about it I hope you love it as much as I do.
Wow the version I have was published in 1949 I wonder if that will affect anything.
UPDATE I really enjoyed this book about Anne Boleyn The only thing I was confused by was the appearance of Jocunda, Anne s stepmother STEPMOM It seemed to infer her own mother had died I ve never read that anywhere else I wonder if that was a rumor that has since been dispelled or something.
After finishing the book, I turned to the inside cover and was surprised to find that it had been orginally published in 1949 That may account for some of the historical inaccuracies that recent research has set aside I found this novel s view of Anne Boleyn to be a balanced portrayal of her character than that found in other novels I have read She was a young, beautiful, intelligent but somewhat self absorbed woman, whose family coveted influence and power in King Henry VIII s court In fact, she was a commodity to be bartered by her ambitious father and uncle Anne lived during a time in which women had very little control over their own lives, so she knew she would have to be very clever and even ruhtless to avoid becoming a total pawn But after being forced to give up the love of her life, she became quite desperate in trying to determine her own desitiny In the end, despite her beauty, clever mind, and position as Queen of England, she found that her own ambition and need for revenge was no match for that of King Henry s court or the king himself Overall, I think the author did a very nice job of showing Anne within the context of her time and illustrated her character well making her neither saint nor sinner but real.

I did enjoy this book, although I found myself analyzing it from as being historical fiction first publish over 50 years ago This came into play with Margaret Campbell Barnes depiction of Anne s alleged sixth finger and mole on her neck two rumors about her that most recent historians discount I also sometimes the portrayal of Anne as dated again, as in notions and beliefs about her from the 1890s and the turn of the 20th century.
The main flaw in this book, to me, is the passage of time A lot of Tudor historical fiction books will give you dates Barnes gives you seasons every now and then She also doesn t spend huge amounts of time on certain periods so that at times it seems that Anne has just consented to be Henry s mistress and then she is at court plotting Wosley s downfall The period of 6 years that passes from Henry courting her to their marriage feels like maybe a year Anne s first miscarriage is dealt with in about 1 sentence Nevertheless, I did find the majority of this book engrossing and I was unable to put it down for the first few chapters even though, of course, we all know the ending I believe I enjoyed Barnes portrayals of some of the supporting characters the most especially George Boleyn, Henry Percy and Thomas Boleyn.
I always approach a new book about Anne Boleyn wondering which aspects of her life or personality are going to be be followed and which will be played with It is part of the fun of Tudor fiction In this case, the author is using Anne as the older sister, being 18 when she served the Queen I m personally of the opinion that Anne was the younger sister based on all the non fiction I ve read but it doesn t greatly bother me.
Anne s love life is the cental theme to the book and she tries to distance herself from the love that Thomas Wyatt has for her, knowing that he would love and cherish her but also knowing that she would never love him that way However marrying Thomas is acceptable than marrying James Butler and being forced to live in Ireland just to gain the Boleyns a title The book then covers in detail the forbidden relationship between Anne and Henry Percy and Anne s determination to marry him at all costs I was interested by the author s twist that Anne and Henry did consumate the relationship to make the betrothal stand in law but as she is about to confess it to her father to get his support, the bombshell is dropped that the King wants Anne and she wisely says nothing for fear of Henry Percy s life.
Anne in this book is a very colourful character We see her affection for her brother, Thomas and his sister, her first love for Henry and her rage and fury at being forced to part from him She goes into deep depression especially on hearing that Henry has been forced to Mary Talbot She is determined to stay faithful to him, and equally determined to defy her family and ignore the King We see her soften towards the King when she gradually gets to know him but her heart is not with him The idea of being Queen does grow on her though, with her idea of revenge on Woolsey.
The plot thickens with this author She adopts the view that Henry was already looking for a way to divorce Katherine before the idea of marrying Anne came along, due to French concerns over Princess Mary being illegitimate I also liked the little war between Woolsey and Anne as they battle to discredit each other with the King Anne s thirst for revenge turns her hard and sharp, and she is aware that she is not always being a nice person now She is still obsessed with her first love and it is only when she meets him after Woolsey s downfall that she realises how far apart they now are.
One of the best things here was the way Anne s anger and spite affected her husband Anne herself realises that she has turned the jovial King into a man who is cruel to the wife and daughter he used to love Where he was willing to give them small concessions, the jealous and bitter Anne who wanted to win so much, was on his back until he agreed to do her bidding instead I liked that Anne was aware that what she was doing was needlessly cruel but she just couldn t seem to stop herself By persuading the King that Woolsey had plotted against him, the King became paranoid, seeing plots everywhere and becoming a very different man Anne tries to salvage things by making an effort with Mary but of course is rebuffed by the angry young woman This was extremely well written and I enjoyed seeing all the good and bad sides to Anne and I feel that this made her character complex and you could really see what she was thinking and feeling.
When Anne loses their unborn boy after the King s affair and accident, Anne declares that she never loved him and he wasn t her first lover This puts the King into a black mood that Anne cannot drag him from and she knows that she is in trouble This was another interesting twist, used to explain why the King wanted her dead instead of just divorced I really enjoyed this book with Anne s wonderful portrayal All of her family and friends relationships are explored nicely her devoted brother and the sister who never did anything right, the sulking Smeaton who wants her love, the spiteful Jane Parker who couldn t wait to spread her poison, her nasty Uncle Norfolk who was happy to bring her down, her ambitious father and scheming maid, the besotted Thomas Wyattthe supporting cast were beautifully written to give real depth to the various plots.
This was another well written Tudor novel which plants you in the middle of the intrigue as if you were really there I ve really enjoyed the two books I ve read by this author, who is one of the best Tudor storytellers that I ve read Highly recommended.