[ Read Online الرحيق المختوم: بحث في السيرة النبوية على صاحبها أفضل الصلاة والسلام â suisse PDF ] by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri â g-couture.co.uk

[ Read Online الرحيق المختوم: بحث في السيرة النبوية على صاحبها أفضل الصلاة والسلام â suisse PDF ] by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri â This is the most through, extensive, specific, comprehensive, and chronologically organized history of Islam & the life of the Prophet I've ever read.
It really helps to put the Quran and Hadith collections in clear historical context.
Truly immersing and enlightening.
I don't know , How can I have the right to review this book that all of the words about Biography of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him )  First teacher and leader of all humanity ,
it is not as usuall book and not like any other which i have been reading them .

The BOOK began with The lives of Arabs before the coming ISLAM from all the aspects < religions ,
Their social and the morality > .

then it is talked briefly about his early life < Ratios of the Prophet and his birth and growing up with lots of interesting things that happen by his birth to that place > .

after that start with the The lives of prophecy and the message and invitation , and Migration of the Prophet to ( Yathreb ) , after that talked in long and in detailed way about all the great conquests of Islam And including Saraya including:
Great Battle of Badr
Banu Kinka
Battle uouhd
Battle of the ahzab
Banu Qurayza
Banu Mustaliq
Battle of Khyber
Battle of Muta
Battle of the conquest of Mecca
Battle of haneen
Battle of Tabuk .

also talked about Hudaybiya Treaty & Umrah the judiciary and Farewell Pilgrimage
and ended with the death of the Prophet( peace be upon him ) .
that it was the most tragedy and Grief y part you can't continue reading unless your tear cover all your face .

( الرحيق المختوم ) gives me lots of new information and understanding , answers lots of my questions and also make some other questions in my mind .

thanks alot to the writer and kurdish translator و God bless you Insha'allah and ( May God reward with better ).

and thanks for My MOM for recommending and giving that book .
الرحيق المختوم
بحث في السيرة النبوية
تأليف: الشيخ صفي الرحمن المباركفوري
قُدِّم في مسابقة رابطة العالم الإسلامي في السيرة النبوية الشريفة، وحاز البحث على المركز الأول

"ومن منهجي في هذا الكتاب ـ عدا ما جاء في إعلان الرابطة ـ أني قررت سلوك سبيل الاعتدال، متجنبًا التطويل الممل والإيجاز المخل، وقد وجدت المصادر تختلف فيما بينها حول كثير مما يتعلق بالأحداث اختلافًا لا يحتمل الجمع والتوفيق، فاخترت سبيل الترجيح، وأثبت في الكتاب ما ترجح لدي بعد التدقيق في الدراسة والنقد، إلا أني طويت ذكر الدلائل والوجوه؛ لأن ذلك يفضي إلى طول غير مطلوب‏

أما بالنسبة لقبول الروايات وردها فقد استفدت في ذلك مما كتبه الأئمة المتقنون، واعتمدت عليهم فيما حكموا به من الصحة والحسن والضعف؛ إذ لم أجد وقتًا يكفي للخوض في هذا المجال‏‏

وقد أشرت في بعض المواضع إلى بعض الدلائل ووجوه الترجيح، وذلك حينما خِفْتُ الاستغراب ممن يقرأ الكتاب، أو رأيت شبه الاتفاق فيما بين الأولين والآخرين على خلاف ما هو الصواب‏‏ والله ولي التوفيق‏‏"

الجمعة المباركة
صفي الرحمن المباركفوري
الجامعة السلفية
بنارسالهند One of the best biographies of Prophet Muhammad.
Joy and sorrow.
This book shook me to the core as I found myself crying randomly in awe of the love the sahaba clearly felt for Muhammad, sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and the pride they felt in being Muslim.
It literally seeped off the pages of this book and pierced my soul through my eyes.
It's one thing to read the ahadith sporadically and out of order, but this book captures all the information in such a flowing way that you don't really get the time to recover from one hadith before moving onto another.
It tells the most lifealtering story on Earth and I am so grateful I get to read it centuries later.

It is very detailed, what with dates and the names of people and places, and though there was no possible way for me to remember all of it, the author's dedication left me speechless.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be a fly on the wall and follow the journey of the most noble man (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) to ever walk this dunya.
Must read biography of the prophet Muhammad (SAW).
It was a very easy read.
It starts with the history of the Arab tribes and may seem a bit tedious, but the main body of the book once it gets started is very interesting.
I especially loved the parts about the wars.
Definitely recommend.
‘And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted standard of character.
’ – Quran (68:4)

Ramadan day 27: I finished this today, I have to say this is probably the most impacting book I have read on the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I want to share some information with you from this book because right now the media is not doing a very good job about portraying Islam how it actually is.
Okay, let’s not get into that before I pour my feelings in that matter.

The prophet (peace be upon him) was the perfect example of a human being for all of mankind.
Many Famous and influential people including Gandhi also agree.
This is the reason why there are 1.
6 billion Muslims in the world(2010):

He was the most modest person and far from being arrogant or proud.
Visiting the poor, the needy and entertaining them were some of his habits.
Aishah (RA) his beloved wife said that he himself used to repair his shoes, sew or mend his clothes like ordinary men did in their house.
Allah’s messenger was always cheerful, easy, pleasant tempered,truthful and merciful.
He was never rude or rough or indecent.

The Prophet PBUH died late in the morning on Monday, the twelth of rabiul awwal 11 AH.
He was 63 years old.
He died between his wife's chest and neck whilst leaning on her.

'He whose back I have ever lashed, I offer him my back so that he may avenge himself on me.
He whose honour I have insulted, here I am offering my honour so that he may avenge himself.

I definetely recommed this book to everyone if you would like an unbiased, authentic view on the Prophet (PBUH).
The only problem I had was the fact that I took so long in reading this, I actually started last year but I put it down.
This 100% deserves a thorough re read from time to time.
I also found the descrption of battles hard to read maybe it's because I was not always into it.

Oh Allah make my character and personality like Prophet PBUH's.
it was an awesome and enlightening read.
i am glad i got the chance to read it now as i watched the mbc umar series last year.
it helped me picture some of the sahaba as i read on.
(however unreal the characters but how very real the story).
i was moved to different emotions from laughter to near tears.
i got insight into the lifes of some sahaba that i did not really know.
i did find the names a bit too much to remember and the battles overwhelmingly detailed.
overall a great read.

The book is a narrative writing of the Sirah (biography) of the prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him.
The author compiled different Islamic resources to write his book of Sirah.
His references are mainly Ibn Ishac, Ibn Hisham, AlTabari, Muslim and Bukhari.
The book is well organized and the different periods of the prophet's life are clearly presented.
Moreover, I learnt many new facts about the life of the prophet Mohamed.
For instance, several details of ghazwat Uhud (battle of Uhud) were a discovery for me! One of my favourite parts of the Sirah is the treaty of Hudaibiya.
It is a peace treaty between the prophet and his main enemy the tribe of Quraysh that had been living in Mecca.
Despite the mistreatment, the insults, the killing that the prophet received from Quraysh, he was willing to make compromises and sign a treaty of peace with his enemy.

On the other hand, the point of view of the author is missing in this book.
Must of his interventions are "praising" comments or a confirmation of what the resources narrate.
Basically, he based on Ibn Ishac's writings.
As you may already know, Ibn Ishac wrote the first Sirah of the prophet.
Furthermore, Ibn Ishac was heavily criticized by earlier Muslim scholars.
Some of them (Imam Malik) even accused him of being a "outright liar".
The veracity of some of his stories are questioned, for example the story of beheading of more than 700 Jews of Banu Qurayza.
Some Muslim scholars claim that such tragedy have never happened.
Surprisingly, the author didn't mention that.
Is it in purpose or is it careless and unstudied citation of Ibn Ishac's works? I was told that this was the most authentic biography on the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
I started reading it and in these past 23 years I must have read this book at least a dozen times.
It is such an enlightening read.
The way of writing and describing events clearly refrains from extra dramatic effects addition or any thing that might corrupt the original essence of the Prophets pure life.
The events are narrated with extreme simplicity yet in an authentic tone that definitely doesnt fail to cast an impression on the reader.
The book contained many details which are generally absent in the other books of this type.
Those details were not only necessary but only allowed glances into parts of the Prophets life that had been left untouched.
Another vital aspect that this book had was the way lessons and rules were easily extracted and presented to the reader from the experiences and activities of Holy Prophet.
The book charmed me and it definitely goes to my favourite.
Without doubt a 5star!