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[Darussalam] å Guarding the Tongue [yuri PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó 4 stars for content, which is a Must read and act upon for many, many, many, who claim Islam as their religion.
Contains one glaring error in the section What Type of backbitingis Permissable the subsection In Defining Someone states If someone is known to the people by his nickname, such as the bleary eyed one , the one who limps , the deaf guy , the blind guy , cross eyed , flat nosed , and other than that, then it is permissible to particularize him as such, with the aim of identifying him However, it is forbidden to apply that to him, when one s intention is to degrade him If he can be identified with anotherappropriate type of name, then that ispreferable The authors and publishers of this book are identified as Publishers, Darussalam Research, Darussalam Guarding the Tongue Golden Advice Series Book 1 Kindle Locations 697 702 Darussalam Kindle Edition This team of researchers, editors, if there are any, and the publisher, need to be reminded of the following ayah of the Qur an 49 11 O YOU who have attained to faith No men shall deride other men it may well be that those whom they deride are better than themselves and no women shall deride other women it may well be that those whom they deride are better than them selves And neither shall you defame one another, nor insult one another by opprobrious epithets evil is all imputation of iniquity after one has attained to faith and they who become guilty thereof and do not repent it is they, they who are evildoers That means that deriding someone with opprobrious epithets hurtful nick names is PROHIBIBTED by Allah under all circumstances There are NO acceptable reasons for calling someone cross eyed or flat nosed etc It is a sin to disobey a clear commandment of Allah.
It s a compilation book of Qur an verses and the Prophet s Hadiths.
I read this to gaininsight about protecting yourself from speech and the harmful affects this has on you and those around you.
The book is based on advice from the Quran and Sunnah There were areas I hadn t even thought of or considered, so for me it was very useful and a strong reminder to becareful in speech.
It doesn t take long to read, yet I will have to revisit to remember every thing that features.
Great book Worth reading.
Control your tongue or it will control you This book contain a lot of benefit for every muslim You must read it How Many People Have Earned The Wrath Of Allah As A Result Of Misuse Of Their Tongues How Many Injuries That May Never Heal Have Been Inflicted Throughtt The Careless Slips Of The Tongue The Messenger Of Allah Said Indeed, The Servant Will Speak Words That Are Pleasing To Allah, Due To Which He Will He Given A Condition In Which Allah Will Raise Him Many Levels And Indeed, The Servant Will Speak Words That Are Displeasing To Allah, Due To Which He Will Not He Given A Good Condition, But Instead Be Thrown Into The Hellfire Bukhari This Book Highlights Those Sins That Seem So Light On The Tongue Yet So Grave On The Scale And Offers Practical Advice On How To Keep The Tongue In Check Good short read Goes into details listing out things to avoid talking about e.
g lying, backbiting, vain talk, vainglorious boasting etc I need to apply the lessons in this book it ll be very helpful to my daily interactions.