Trailer ↠´ نهاية العالم أشراط الساعة الصغرى والكبرى PDF by ☆ Muhammad Al-Areefi

Trailer ↠´ نهاية العالم أشراط الساعة الصغرى والكبرى PDF by ☆ Muhammad Al-Areefi its talk about End of World ITS COOL I won t lie about reading it thrice before i actually finished it It took me three times to start the book from beginning after having read 100 orpages It took long to adjust with the information which is not writer s lack of capability but my lack of knowledge who hasn t been aware to such details before To me it has changed the way on how to look at this life I have read other books by Dr Muhammad Al Areefi and this one isn t less Excellent infor matio and not merely based on theory but all of it comprises of Hadiths and Quranic Ayahs followed by explanatio for layman readers like me Recommend 100 percent to read.
In Recent Times Things Have Become Very Confusing And We Have Begun To See In Book Stores And On Websites Speculation About Future Events, Based On Verses And Hadeeths Which Refer To These Future Events Concerning The Signs Of The HourEvery Time As A Calamity Befalls Islam And The Muslim, People Begin To Look For A Way Out From Them Sometimes You Hear About The Appearance Of The Mahdi, Sometimes You Hear That The Time For The Final Confrontation Between Good And Evil Is Close At Hand, Other Times You Hear About Land Sides In The East Or In The West, And So Forth This books enlighten and encourage me to do good deeds by trying to live a life as meaningful as possible As time goes by and I get older, one thing is for certain I am getting closer to the end of my life in this world Many minor signs of The Hour have been occurred such as the sending of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the splitting of the moon, greeting only those whom one knows and so on This will be followed by manysuch as great abundance of wealth aming the people, the earth giving up its treasures and so on While major signs are a lot less encompassing events such as The Smoke, The Dajjal and so on Dr Areefi, the author did a very good job by referring only to reliable and valid source either holy book or hadits This book is also printed with many colorful pictures, maps, illustrations which help the reader to understandTruly a book which is too good to miss by those who wants to take many benefits from it.
Love it description of what gonna happen A very clear, concise but very detailed discussion on all the minor and major signs leading up to the Hour Complete with pictures, maps and hadeeth references The part I love the most is it includes current factual information, such as, Dajaal s followers will be made up of 70,000 Jews from Isfahan According to official sources, this city in Iran currently has 25 30,000 Jewish inhabitants May Allah protect us all .
its An amazing book , worth to read it Also this book you can read it again and again , it makes you feel so faith.

Simply thourough enough to know about an important subject as realted to the religions base This book made me raise too many quuestions as i really neededinfo regarding some parts and it should have extra explanations for all quoted text from Prophet Mohammad PBUH and Quran.
The best thing is i consider it a reliable source of information as i trust Dr Oraifi s knowledge and background.