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Á The Last Child Ë Download by À John Hart Thirteen Year Old Johnny Merrimon Had The Perfect Life A Warm Home And Loving Parents A Twin Sister, Alyssa, With Whom He Shared An Irreplaceable Bond He Knew Nothing Of Loss, Until The Day Alyssa Vanished From The Side Of A Lonely Street Now, A Year Later, Johnny Finds Himself Isolated And Alone, Failed By The People He D Been Taught Since Birth To Trust No One Else Believes That Alyssa Is Still Alive, But Johnny Is Certain That She Is Confident In A Way That He Can Never Fully ExplainDetermined To Find His Sister, Johnny Risks Everything To Explore The Dark Side Of His Hometown It Is A Desperate, Terrifying Search, But Johnny Is Not As Alone As He Might Think Detective Clyde Hunt Has Never Stopped Looking For Alyssa Either, And He Has A Soft Spot For Johnny He Watches Over The Boy And Tries To Keep Him Safe, But When Johnny Uncovers A Dangerous Lead And Vows To Follow It, Hunt Has No Choice But To InterveneThen A Second Child Goes MissingUndeterred By Hunt S Threats Or His Mother S Pleas, Johnny Enlists The Help Of His Last Friend, And Together They Plunge Into The Wild, To A Forgotten Place With A History Of Violence That Goes Back Than A Hundred Years There, They Meet A Giant Of A Man, An Escaped Convict On His Own Tragic Quest What They Learn From Him Will Shatter Every Notion Johnny Had About The Fate Of His Sister It Will Lead Them To Another Far Place, To A Truth That Will Test Both Boys To The LimitTraveling The Wilderness Between Innocence And Hard Wisdom, Between Hopelessness And Faith, The Last Child Leaves All Categories Behind And Establishes John Hart As A Writer Of Unique Power A year after his twin sister disappeared, thirteen year old Johnny Merrimon is still looking for her His father has ran out on the family out of guilt and his mother is hooked on pills and shacked up with an abusive scumbag The only other people who seem to care are Johnny s best friend Jack and a burned out cop named Clyde Hunt Until another girl disappears The Last Child is a mystery about a missing girl in a small town but it s also a lot than that It s the story of what happens to a family who suffers senseless loss with nowhere to turn It s the story about a cop so obsessed with a case that his life falls apart And it s the story of what guilt does to a person over the course of a year.
The story starts simply enough Johnny is out looking for his sister when he witnesses a man run down by a car The man s dying words are of finding a missing girl The story zigs and zags all over the place, taking Johnny and Detective Hunt to places most people would be reluctant to go, both physically and emotionally.
I d never heard of John Hart before this book but I ll be picking up his back catalog after this The prose was a notch above most detective novels and the characters were very well realized, not a paper character in sight The relationships between the characters and their families drove the book forward, Johnny and his mother, Hunt and his son, Jack and his family Levi Freemantle reminded me a lot of John Coffey from The Green Mile.
Hart kept me guessing right up until the end, dragging me from one false lead to the next I had no idea who the killer was until it was spelled out for me That s the hallmark of a great mystery Hell, of a great book period.
Five stars If I read a better book than this in 2013, I ll be surprised.
5 stars This is a thriller mystery about abducted and missing children, but it stands head and shoulders above other treatments of that theme There are no gruesome details, but there is rich characterization and subtle psychological exploration of the characters And there is plenty of riveting suspense Thirteen year old Johnny Merrimon has a twin sister, Alyssa, but she disappeared about a year ago Johnny s father, Spencer, had been scheduled to pick up Alyssa from the library that night, but was late, so Alyssa had started home on her own Johnny s best friend Jack Cross said he saw her get into a van Johnny s mother Katherine blamed Spencer for Alyssa s fate, and he left them two weeks later Johnny s mother fell apart.
An old rival of Johnny s dad, Ken Holloway, who had never gotten over Katherine, moved into their lives, keeping Katherine doped up and beating both her and Johnny Johnny concentrated on trying to find Alyssa And he prayed to God for three things an end to the pills and drugs for the rest of his family to come home and for Ken Holloway to die a slow and terrible death.
Another family was torn apart by Alyssa s disappearance too Detective Clyde Hunt got so obsessed with the case that his wife left him, and his high school aged son seemed to be in a permanent state of alienation At one point Hunt reflected that he knew he had a problem being addicted to his job, but there was In the still and dark of the kitchen, Hunt admitted, for once, that he did not much like his own son He loved him, of course, but he did not like him Not his attitudes, his beliefs, or his choices The boy had changed Hunt s withdrawal from his own family is mirrored by his increasing involvement with the Merrimons He sees what is happening with Katherine and Johnny, and tries to help, but they won t let him they felt he had let them down by not finding Alyssa.
One year after Alyssa s disappearance, another girl goes missing Tiffany Shore Johnny is convinced that finding Tiffany is the key to finding Alyssa Hunt is determined not to lose another girl The tension ratchets up and oozes into your very bones, as the characters race to learn something anything before it is too late.
This is a book you can t stop reading, with characters who seem like real people you care about a great deal Highly recommended Hart does it again A heart thumping, holy crap, I need to keep reading, adrenaline rush of a thriller that left me breathless with anticipation.
Johnny Merrimon is a 13 year old boy who is on the run His twin sister went missing than a year ago and he s taken it upon himself to find her His mom a drug addict and his dad abandoned them, he has had to grow up and fend for himself.
As he gets closer to the truth, he witnesses a murder but before the stranger dies, he tells Johnny he s found her.
A southern grit thriller that had me in the shape of a pretzel with all of its twists Hart is a master thriller teller Thanks to Norma and Brenda for letting me hitch a ride on this exciting travelling sister journey All of our Traveling Sister Reads Reviews can be found on our blog Who is this author John Hart Late to the party yet again Damn Comparisons to Mr Grisham may be very well founded I don t normally like to draw comparisons, but this was mentioned on the insert of the back cover I m impressed Not in a courtroom way, but I really did love this book I also find it hard to use the words favourite book of the year, but this was awesome So glad to be a part of the Goodreads community yet again thanks to the friends who steered me to this one I wouldn t have had this pleasure, otherwise I love finding treasures It was quite the ride I was explaining just this morning the plot to my 11 year old son, he was captivated I loved reading about Johnny, a lad vigilante I enjoy fiction, so I can enjoy the perks, i.
e the little bits and pieces that wouldn t happen in the real world, isn t that what it s all about He was the epitome of cool, despite the torrid nature of his circumstance His twin sister missing for a year, his poor and brittle mum grieving and suffering against the hand of a despicable predator This book had it all At the core though, it was all Johnny Five times never caught Hunt shook his head and tried not to smile He really did like that kid Hunt provided the wounded and strung out D character, committed to the job like no other, and his equally as committed partner Yoakum Johnny s mum was also a favourite for me, I liked following her journey Loved this parting offering Jack Cross, My Friend.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those readers out there who love a thriller and a mystery it s tops Loved, loved, loved, loved it Can you tell Traveling Sisters Review by NORMA, BRENDA and JEN HART has a knack to keep you totally engaged with jaw dropping moments that even surprised Norma s deductive sleuthing skills.
The Last Child by JOHN HART is an action packed, tense, fast paced, and a suspenseful thriller with lots of surprising twists and turns along the way that kept us all reading and guessing right to the very end.
JOHN HART delivers a character driven story here that is brilliantly and cleverly written in such a skillful way that allows us to really get into our main character s voices and the storyline, Johnny, a young boy s desperate search for the truth and Hunt s relentlessness and personal quest in solving the crime which ends up costing him dearly Johnny who s mature way beyond his 13 years is on a desperate truth seeking personal mission to find his missing twin sister He is shrewd, smart, and vulnerable at times We loved how resourceful and determined teenage Johnny was in fighting to find out the truth in an adult world With some adults caring, controlling and failing him, making him determined than ever in finding out the truth This is a book that we couldn t stop reading, with a story that was so filled of heart, and with flawed characters who you couldn t help but to root for Highly recommended All of our Traveling Sister Reads Reviews can be found on our blog This mystery is so rich and full of story, it is difficult to decide what to focus on for this review A crooked man, busted up and leaking red.
, a giant of a man with a ruined face and a heavy load, another man named Jar, he with the jittery eyes Woods that are deep and secret, a reflection of wings, and then one by one, a gathering of crows Johnny is a young boy with the heart of a warrior and a predilection for eagle feathers, war paint, and fire This is Johnny Merrimon, and he continues to search for his missing sister a year after the police fail in their attempts to locate her Is she a runaway, has she been snatched, is she dead Johnny can expect no help from his parents, with the father taking off, the mother turning to pills and to an abusive man to distract from the loss He does have a couple of people in his corner, the detective who continues to be haunted by this case and a best friend named Jack This novel has been around for awhile, since 2010, when it won the Edgar Award for Best Novel My first introduction to John Hart was earlier this year with Redemption Road, which was excellent I like this one even better.
5 Why did I wait so long to read my first John Hart book stars to The Last Child I read this book in anticipation of Hart s latest, The Hush The very first chapter had my heart twisted in knots I know it s your stomach that is usually twisted in knots, but this book told a strong hold of my heart and did not let go until the end How remarkable that a suspense thriller would grab my heart like it did Johnny Merrimon, the main character, was on a mission to find his lost sister, Alyssa, and while on the search he endured many hardships, forcing him to grow up earlier than his time, as well as coming into contact with several sinister and just plain evil characters along the way I was on the edge of my seat, and the pacing was exceptional throughout Just what happened to Alyssa Who will find out the truth This book is classified a mystery, but due to the characterization, it was so much Another author to love Another North Carolina author to love Storytelling at its finest.
The Last Child by John Hart is a 2009 Minotaur publication John Hart has taken the crime and mystery genre to an entirely new level with this stunning novel The perfect family is torn asunder when their daughter disappears, just vanishes into the thin air The marriage falls apart, the father walks out, the mother falls into drug and alcohol abuse and into a toxic relationship, while The Last Child Johnny, a thirteen year old boy, grieving the loss of his missing twin, is left to fend for himself in a horrifying and cruel world Johnny works has hard has he can to find his missing sister, a task he feels alone in, but Detective Clyde Hunt is nearly as obsessed about the missing girl as Johnny The case grows colder by the day But, then another child vanishes.
This novel shows why John Hart is a multiple Edgar Award winner This story is written with a lush literary prose that drew me right into Johnny s lonely and treacherous life His journey is so painful and heartbreaking, while his courage, fortitude, and a moral code is exemplary Every character is drawn with such rich and vivid detail, while the atmosphere is thick with tension and desperation The suspense hangs heavy in the air as revelations come to light and Johnny finds himself in an unimaginable situation This is a crime novel, but it is also a family drama, a testing of faith, an examination of humanity, the best and the worst, a coming of age tale that reaches into your very soul, stirring a melting pot of emotions I ve read literary thrillers, but none quite like this one Johnny is a like a modern day Huck Finn, a child abandoned, who must survive by pure grit, but one who possesses a tenderness that nearly brought me to tears For those who are into the criminal elements of the story, have no fear This is a dark crime drama with plenty of jaw dropping twists Novels like this one are rare I can only wonder at how far this author s talent can take him I highly recommend this book It will definitely leave a lasting impression 5 stars So many of my Goodreads friends have read, and loved, this novel I have finally been able to find out why for myself.
This book drew me in from the very start There is a large cast of characters in this novel, yet each is woven into the story in perfect timing so it is easy to keep track Even , we discover aspects of each character s personality and psychological makeup that make them real and multi dimensional We are quickly drawn into their lives and even their backgrounds in an immediate and intimate way.
This novel is about a child who goes missing, her twin brother who won t give up looking for her, and the shattering effect it has on his family This plotline may sound familiar as there are many books whose stories develop this theme However, this one is different in almost every way due to the depth of the characters we meet along the way, the many threads cast by each person, and the way these threads come together through the course of the novel.
Detective Clyde Hunt does his best to prevent Johnny Morrimon from getting into serious trouble as he searches for his sister However, he is one person and can t be in than one place at a time Johnny s mother is often too preoccupied numbing her pain to realize that she has someone else left to care for and look after.
When another child goes missing, the pressure builds to volcanic proportions Johnny is determined than ever to find his sister, his mother is caught in the riptide of pain resurrected by this new loss, and a murder plus a giant of a man named Levi complicate things even further Johnny and his friend Jack soon find themselves involved in situations that young boys of 13 would normally never have to encounter.
The pace of this novel is fast, and the action follows with staccato beats The characters are interesting and deeply layered even the ones who I would never tolerate giving time to in my everyday life are intriguing.
This was an emotional rollercoaster of a read for me There is sadness and sorrow in this book there are also moments where I wanted to jump up and cheer And just when I thought things had settled down, events took another leap calling for deeper inner resources from key characters that they didn t realize they had.
I loved this book so much that I am diving immediately into its sequel The Hush I highly recommend this read to everyone who enjoys a hard charging story with depth and meaning that we get to keep.