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☆ Read ↠´ The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks ½ I decided to pick up The Night Angel Trilogy because it was the highest rated book in my to read list Unfortunately I don t think it merits that reputation Here s why The Good Great, epic fantasy story Overall great writing style Very well written depictions of battles and other tense moments Light, pleasant sense of humor Nice variety of people and cities Each with their unique and captivating culture and politics I loved the variety in magic systems, no One power or anything, but different types with different sources, different possibilities and different prices The Khalidoran culture in particular was a very interesting one.
The Bad Way too many clich s, it got utterly annoying at times Very little character building I really thought that the internal struggle for Kylar could have had a little depth Bland characters Seriously, Jarl Elene Stereotype depictions of women Either you re a gorgeous, radiating angel, or you re a sexy slut who constantly craves to fuck or, often than that, be fucked view spoiler Very weird character transformations, like the hard ass, tough as nails, I dont talk to you motherfucker assasin Durzon Blint turning into this loving daddy straight from Seventh Heaven Or Elene suddenly sacrificing herself for all mankind Where the fuck did that come from hide spoiler Firstly, I skimmed over some of the reviews before I decided to write my own And one in particular was brought up some negative viewpoints of the plot that, frankly have nothing really to do with the entirety of the story and a social bias based on ones on perspective on life I m looking at you Paulo Those so called flaws in fact give the world of MIDCRYU depth The Night Angel Trilogy is a compelling and engrossing read It s very much about courage, redemption and about how Love conquers all With that I m saying there is NOT A SHRED of Homophobia or Misogyny in this book It literally had me on the edge of my seat I read book 2 in a day I was up till 5 in the morning Because I just could not stop reading I will say its fair that, certain themes may have been a little borrowed from other series but it only adds to how well put together the story as a whole is I m not a nit picker I like simple pleasures This trilogy pleasured me immensely Brent weeks is a master And for all you disappointed a bit by the ending Weeks did say there is a sequel trilogy in the works YES The Night Angel Trilogy Wikipedia This Article Describes A Work Or Element Of Fiction In A Primarily In Universe Style Please Help Rewrite It To Explain The Fictionclearly And Provide Non Fictional Perspective Night Angel FilmAlloCin Night Angel Est Un Film Ralis Par Dominique Othenin Girard Avec Isa Jank, Linden Ashby Synopsis Un Esprit Malfique Se Dguise En Une Belle Et Ravissante Jeune Femme Son But Est DeThe Night Angel Wikipedia The Night Angel Is AAmerican Pre Code Drama Film Written And Directed By Edmund Goulding The Film Stars Nancy Carroll, Fredric March, Phoebe Foster, Alison Skipworth And Alan Hale, Sr The Night AngelIMDb The Night Angel Is AAmerican Drama Film Written And Directed By Edmund Goulding The Film Stars Nancy Carroll, Fredric March, Phoebe Foster, Alison Skipworth And Alan Hale, Sr The Night Angel Qui Est En Ligne Nos Membres Ont Post Un Total Demessages Nous Avonsmembres Enregistrs L Utilisateur Enregistr Le Plus Rcent Est Chatimone The Night Angel Trilogy Night Angel, By The Night Angel Trilogy Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readersvolumes In One Giant Omnibus EditionWay Of Shadows,Basshunter Angel In The Night Official Video Category Music Song Angel In The Night Artist Basshunter Album Now You Re Gone Writers Basshunter Licensed To YouTube By Ultra Music, ExtensiveMusicSweden, SME On Behalf Of Ultrathe Night Angel Crer Un Forum Forum De La Guilde The Night Angel Reglement Reglement Bonjour Toutes Et TousVous Serrez Pris D Utiliser Un Franais Correct Et Poli Sous Peine De Sanctions Voir De Bannissement Du Forum Et Ou De La GuildeVous Devrez Poster Une Prsentations De Vous IRL Et De Votre Perso Dans La Rubrique PrsentationsAngel In The Night Wikipdia Angel In The Night Est Le Troisime Single Sorti Dans Le Royaume Uni Du Musicien Basshunter, Tir De Son Album, Now You Re Gone The Album Le Single Est Sorti LeseptembreAngel Of The Night Nous Voudrions Effectuer Une Description Ici Mais Le Site Que Vous Consultez Ne Nous En Laisse Pas La Possibilit O haven t read this series i a while, but it is a spectacular lust piece of fantasy Immortality, love, struggle, magicBrent Weeks really wrote a fine piece of workhere One of the few series O keep to re read over and over.
i can t believe that people can actually rate these books less than 5 stars and anything less than that is just unbelievable those are the people that don t enjoy good books THIS IS THE BEST SERIES OF books I HAVE EVER read i honestly think that there need to be books like this out there, cuz it seems like now a days every single book and their grandPA s story is nothing but a lust filled romance that include the obvious followings some really attractive guy which in real life would be gay some self conscious bitch that will either be a slut or have zero sexual experience or both, or all the female characters fall into one the two categories a vampire or two maybe a werewolf or four a plot so used it s a whore and a terrible message to send to our kids maybe thats why people do drugs BLAME THE STUPID booksyou see this book has none of the following there is love mixed into it but not romance its a thriller, with an amazing plot, unforgettable characters and just wow just WOW people come on i don t even know how to describe the book so i m just ganna tell you this read THE G DDAMN BOOK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IT MAYBE THICK BUT I HEARD SOMEWHERE THAT SIZE MATTERS AND PEOPLE PREFER IT THATA WAY or were they referring to a penis o.
o O.
O hmmm no definitely the book D There is something about Durzo Blint that is immensely appealing Other characters came and went The main character, Kylar Stern, alternated between cold blooded killer, immature teen, and weepy pacifist Yet Durzo was always Durzo, a cold blood assassin excuse me, wetboy that was better than anyone in the art of killing That he has a secret past is no surprise, but when the surprise is revealed in book two, it feels both immense and incredibly amusing.
The first book in the series starts off dark There s child molestation, murder, and an overall feeling of despair and surrender to everything evil inside men s hearts While some might not be prepared for how far the author goes, the setting is necessary for Kylar s development, as well at he redemptive themes that become far prevalent in books two and three.
Despite Kylar s random mood swings, he was an overall enjoyable main character Like Durzo, he is a killer at the top of his game The special powers he inherits halfway through the first book are both over the top and yet consistently controlled It may feel like the author is cheating, but at the same time, I know he s not Don t read The Night Angel Trilogy expecting anything mundane Mr Weeks wants to kill gods, destroy cities, and have his characters play with artifacts older than entire civilizations It gets a little overwhelming having ten different world destroying creatures, weapons, and artifacts all being swapped, stolen, and revealed, but by the third book things calm down and start making sense.
Speaking of making sense, Mr Weeks is not the best at introducing characters you don t know There are plenty of times I d be reading, start a new chapter, and then wonder if I had skipped a part somewhere along the line Random people in random locations get thrown out often Have faith in the author, though they ll come around in time, and make perfect sense MR Weeks might not be subtle, but he s effective at not messing around.
Would I read by Mr Weeks Most certainly Other than a few odds and ends, this was a series after my own heart And all because of Durzo He s the star of the show whenever he makes his entrance, and by the end, you might find yourself wishing for another book dedicated solely to him.
There is a lot to love and hate about these books They are the perfect example the what I like and dislike about modern fantasy The writing I really enjoyed Weeks has a very good grasp of character and I was sucked in very quickly as I started to care about the protagonist The world building and setting was top notch I also loved that the author was unafraid to move time along The author was willing to tell the important parts of the story and skip years of back story What I hate about these books is I can t recommend them to my younger brother Having just read George R.
R Martian s Fire and Ice saga or what is written of it so far it seems every fantasy book now needs an R rating and the harder the R the better Weeks defends this some in saying that you have to move from darkness to light He says, Hope isn t vibrant unless it has to be chosen over despair While I agree in principle, I disagree in degree I think we have culturally lost the power of subtlety I am reminded of the scene in the Searchers where John Wayne discovers the cabin in which butchery took place We never see in the cabin and it is far dramatic and horrifying for it Today a director would just show us the cabin and use as much blood and gore as possible We no longer seem to hint at the horrible, we paint it with the widest brush possible This same problem cropped up in the authors writing of females characters In the first book I thought they were created with some taste In the second and third, they seemed to morph into hyper sexualized characters I felt the females who were very interesting became characters written for 16 year old boys Boys who have no understanding of the complexities of feminine beauty, they only see breast and butts It started to read like sex sell so just add Hence my love hate relationship with modern fantasy A great story told, yet told with the broad brush of sex and violence.

Okay this book is crazy intense Nothing You think will happen does I mean Nothing I have had to put this book down so many times cos it s so gruesome in areas that I either had gotten light headed and broken out into a cold sweat or I had almost thrown up This book evokes every emotion a person could possibly have and then some It s like non stop suspense, then action, then warm fuzzy heartfelt feelings, then anger, then sadness etc Then the cycle starts all over again And like I said, everything you think will happen doesn t I ve only guessed 1 or 2 things correctly out of all 3 books This book makes you insane As soon as you put it down you have to pick it back up And did I mention Kylar Dude is off the chain awesome.
I have seen alot of good reviews for this trilogy That is what caused me to read it Even though it does feel like, regarding it s popularity, in comparison with a good film that hardly gets any play, unless you see it under the sundance film festival or something It could definitely use mainstream love that s for sure It s a deep deep story This is riddled with LOTS of magic, violence, redemption Evil to it s very core Major and I mean major sacrifice Beliefs, spirituality It can be very sexual sensual but also at times just flat out degrading But not where the story suffers These degrading scenes are essential to the character or scene that is occurring the time.
Underneath the many layers of all 3 books, it boils down to these 4 questions Who are you What do you stand for What s your purpose And when those answers are not in harmony with what you want, will you have the heart to fulfill your purpose anyway This Trilogy is beyond deep I highly recommend you read it The deal for the 3 books in one, is worth it.
Oddly homophobic and misogynistic Compelling story but a SEVERE lack of well rounded female characters who aren t in power due to marriage or sex Also Every gay character was molested, abused, raped, or inherently cruel When I think of heteronormative and paternalistic behavior or setting, I like to think of George R R Martin or Patrick Rothfuss, who create a mediaeval world that is similar to ours, in that it portrays a strong male dominated world, but has the sensibility to include characters who break those norms Either through strong females who are well rounded, couragous, and fully realized as mothers, wives, warriors, mages, preistesses, prostitutes, etc or characters who are gay but just as a fact of life like being blonde or brunette, and not as a psychological trauma So when I say, heteronormative, it is not because I am a gay man who prefers or chooses exclusively to read authors and novels that are NON normative it s because I ve read authors who ARE following gender, historical, and literary norms, but still manage to instil their open mindedness and the well roundedness of their skills through their craft.
BUT WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID, I CANNOT PUT THESE books DOWN THE STORY IS STILL VERY COMPELLING Just wish I weren t so distracted by my thoughts of gender and sexuality.
Surprisingly good book I picked it up on the strength of it s cover blurb and a couple of reader reviews You won t find any deep truths of life, there aren t any insights into life well maybe a few but you will get a good novel Actually a set of novels as this is the trilogy in one volume I bought this through the Science Fiction Book Club and read it during an extremely stressful time I read it in a hospital, in the waiting room or the room of my wife It helped me out of this world and into a separate one This world is a somewhat dark world, but I d say the word gritty fits it better than the word dark You will need to follow the magic system here and put it s various components and levels together, not hard, but give it your attention BUT once you re into the book the real story is about the characters Mr Weeks himself referred to this as a ninja story and in many ways it is This will appeal to many people on many levels It s adventure it s coming of age a genre I m not always taken with , it is of course fantasy and fits I suppose well into the epic fantasy shelf It takes place in a dark, dirty, gritty fantasy city so in a way it s even urban fantasy.
You will however find touches of dark.
I like this one and it comes just short of hitting my 5 star rating, only missing because when compared to the ones I love the most, I can t quite rate it that high Still a great read.
So, join Kylar, Durzo Blint, Elene and the characters that populate this book Learn the politics, magic and subtlety of Midcyru Learn of Wetboys, Magi and Magaelearn about, The Night Angel.